Yulia Dmitriyevna Vartanova and Andrey Aleksandrovich Sidorenko – dancers on a wire, and illusionists (transformation).

Yuliya Vartanova graduated from GUTsEI (State School Of Circus And Variety Art) in a genre “dance on a wire”. Together with Andrey who came to circus from sport (the Master of Sports in gymnastics) and worked solo on a wire, they created a duet…

Pupils of the people’s artist of Russia, the winner of the Award of Lenin Komsomol, the winner of International competitions of Art of circus, the equilibrist, the dancer on a wire Vladimir Alekseevich Stikhanovsky, Yulia and Andrey didn’t allow to die away to the art of a pair balancing act “dance on a wire”

To estimate the importance of a contribution of Yuliya and Andrey to extension of life of this genre, we need to look into the history of pair dance on a wire.

The relay of pair balancing Tatyana Markova and Vladimir Stikhanovsky accepted from Artemyev. After graduation from State school of circus and variety art in 1969 they began the career in a number named “Equilibrists on Rotating Wire” and then, in 1971 Y. Mandych created for them new number “Duet on a Wire” in which they shone till 1991.

Having become the production director, Vladimir Alekseevich created more than forty numbers in various circus genres and the stylistic directions. He did not forget about “dance on a wire” and in 2003 he passed his knowledge and experience to graduates of State school of circus and variety art Yulia Vartanova and Andrey Sidorenko having created a number “Tango” with which actors honorably carried a banner of balancing act for many years, remaining the only couple of dancers on a wire.

Duet is the owner of “The Serebreny (Silver) Prize” of the April Spring Festival in Pyongyang (North Korea). Yuliya is the Princess of the Russian circus, the owner of “the Serebreny (Silver) Crown” of the festival of the same name … And it was the leg injury of Yuliya in 2011 that prevented them from further work … The wire dancing duet tested by time and fastened with professional and family bonds didn’t break up despite the force majeure. Yuliya and Andrey got married soon after release of the number “Tango”, and now the actors bring up two daughters of four and seven years old. The senior of the daughters today is in rhythmic gymnastics.

Unfortunately, the duet had to refuse dances. The way out of the created situation actors found in “leaving” for illusion, namely in the costume transformation known in the world as quick-change…

So the destiny made the quick-change in Yulia Vartanova and Andrey Sidorenko’s life…

It would be right to say a couple of words about the transformation itself … Having become extremely popular in Russia in the last decade, this genre attracts many actors with the possibilities (in any special shop it is possible to buy suits for the show), staginess, what means – a demand and, – as result, – the considerable sums of the fees. But, unfortunately, behind increasing number of the changed costumes and show numbers, showing only technique of a trick, most of the performers forget about artistry, artistic images, about actor’s transformation and relationship in the created circumstances.

Therefore more then pleasant that Yulia Vartanova and Andrey Sidorenko, mastering a new genre, try to show the viewer by means of “the main means of expressiveness in circus” – a trick, and, in particular, a transformation trick (and earlier – in dances on a wire), – first of all relationship of the lyrical heroes, staging the main elements of circus art, key of which – a trick and an artistic image…

The duet tries to show not simply tricks, but also to create certain lyrical images. For mastering skill and to shade off a technical aspect of a trick, artistry and emotional involvement are required. Yuliya and Andrey are constantly perfecting their skill and this creativity shows persistent approach to the level of hardly accessible height in this genre of illusion once reached by Lyubov and Anatoly Sudarchikovymi